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WYSIWYG XML Editor (an acronym for What You See Is What You Get) is an editor for markup language in which the content displayed during the editing appears almost exactly as the final result will look.

WYSIWYG XML Editor allows the user to simplify the work with the documents in XML. Unlike text editors, where you can see the code or standard XML editors with some advanced features such as automatic completion of tags, easy menu buttons to perform common tasks when working with XML documents, WYSIWYG Editors of XML don't display the code and present the content in a more convenient way. You don't need to examine the code of XML, you can simply enter the information to the documents based on XML. Editors XML are useful to users who are familiar with XML, because the use of such editors accelerates the development of documents XML.

WYSIWYG xml editor

STDU XML Editor - simple WYSIWYG XML editor.

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