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Visual XML Editor

Visual XML Editor is an editor for the markup language, its purpose is to simplify the work with documents in XML format. To edit XML document, you can use a text editor, which shows you the code or a standard XML editor, which offers additional features such as auto-completion of tags, as well as menus and buttons to perform common tasks when working with XML.

Visual Editors of XML don't show the code and present the content in a more convenient form that allows you to enter the information in the documents based on XML without reading all the XML code. The XML editors are useful for users who are familiar with XML, as the use of such editors accelerates the development of XML documents.

visual xml editor

STDU XML Editor is a simple visual XML editor.

The benefits of Visual XML Editor

Visual editors with a graphical user interface are easier to learn and use than text editors, and may not require knowledge of XML syntax. These editors are often called visual, or WYSIWYG. The editors are trying to display the document in the form, approximate to the final published form.

Visual editors can be used to prevent the creation of invalid documents. Unlike text editors, where you can create a table row that contains too many cells, it's impossible to do such things using Visual XML Editor.

Using of Visual XML Editor

Visual Editors (WYSIWYG) let you edit files directly, displaying tags in a graphic image and not showing the code.

Unintelligible use of the visual editor can lead to the creation of documents that do not have the semantics inherent in a particular language XML. This happens when the user is focused on trying to achieve a certain visual presentation with an editor rather than using the visual editor for easy editing of the document.

However, the understanding of meaning, the underlying instrument, and not prininyatiya decisions based on the literal display in the visual editor, visual editor is valuable to the writer. In general, much easier to read paper presented visually than reading bare code XML. In addition, work visually is much more intuitive.

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