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Portable XML Editor

Portable XML Editor - is an application which can be used without installaion. You just need to copy the program to a portable drive such as a USB flash drive or any external hard drive. The meaning of this approach is to keep the list of selected programs on the removable drive and use them on any computer regardless of what software is installed or can be installed on it. Just connect the portable drive to your computer and start the desired application.

XML editor portable can be stored and run from USB flash drives

What do XML Editor have to do to be called portable?

To be a portable application it have to do the following:

  • Do not require installation on your computer and not be tied to a computer in any way, can be stored on a removable storage device and allow you to run the program from any computer.
  • Settings are stored with the program and can be used for the next launch (they are saved to the same directory as the program). If an application saves your settings in the registry, it isn't portable and must be set up on every PC it is used on.
  • Never leave any trace on the computer it's run on after being used. When you exit from the program, it will automatically remove all the temporary files and registry settings. All your created files will be saved to the removable drive where the application is stored on.

As a rule, the portable applications are "lite" versions of full software, but there are exceptions. For examle, you can download lightweight editor of XML documents with the installation or similar full functional portable version in zip-archive.

Why do you need a portable XML Editor?

Today many people face the issue of using two or more computers - usually office and home computers or even other computers. Leaving for a distant trip, it is not always desirable to take the laptop with you, so you have to work on a computer on site. It happens, that someone is working on different computers, for example, computers of the clients. If you constantly work on different computers, if the system administrator has blocked the registry, it can be quite useful to get acquainted with portable applications.

In all these cases we recommend you to store all documents on removable media (flash-card or portable hard drive) and use portable software. This software type allows you to work with your programs and your settings anywhere. The portable storage has small size and weight, and therefore is always on hand, along with all documents, software and their settings.

It should be noted that the portable programs can be useful not only for users who prefer removable media, but also those who are constantly working at one computer. If two systems are installed, if you reinstall the operating system or change the computer all the programs and settings remain intact and the Workplace can be deployed within several minutes.

How to use portable XML Editor?

  1. Download portable version of XML Editor.
  2. Connect USB flash drive to the computer.
  3. Unpack zip-archive in to your USB flash drive.
  4. Run STDUXMLEditor.exe from USB flash drive.

Where can you use portable XML Editor?

Now you can use this program without installation anywhere: at home PC, on laptop while travelling, at work, during the presentations or conferences.

Examples of portable software

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