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Simple XML Editor

Simple XML Editor is an easy to install application, which takes up little disk space. It's easy to learn and simple to use. The program works smoothly and fast allowing you to view and edit documents in XML format

Visual XML Editor offers a simple graphical user interface for easy and visual editing of the syntactically correct XML documents. Such editor makes it easier to work with complex XML documents. The user-friendly interface helps you change the document structure, edit its attributes and so on with no difficulties.

Example of the simple XML editor

What kind of tasks can be performed with STDU XML Editor?

  • Easily manage large XML documents.
  • Make editing operations: cut, copy, paste.
  • Avoid element name conflicts thanks to namespace support
  • Undo/redo the performed operations, if necessary.
  • Drag and drop (items, selected parts ?).

What could be easier?

simple xml editor

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